Our family is very into music – Elias is a professional flutist and Aura played violin for many years. (Actually, we originally met at a music school years ago before we started to date each other.) The funny thing is that Iris goes now to the same music school where we used to go for years. We have made lots of life lasting friendships there, and our musical hobby has always been very big part of our lives.

Finland's high-level musical education has been acclaimed for many decades. Finnish musical education has created numerous world-famous top musicians who nowadays work all around the world as orchestral directors, opera singers, instrumentalists or even composers. The secret of high musical quality is not because of an exceptional amount of highly musical Finnish child geniuses, or even the quality of higher education. The ”secret” and the most important point in Finnish musical education lies in early musical childhood education which almost every child can access to because the system enjoys the state aid which makes musical hobbies quite cheap in general.


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We have music pre-schools (that is originally Finnish innovation!) for the youngest kids almost everywhere and music institutes for the children who’d like to study some musical instrument as well. In Finland we have even music oriented classes at many lower and upper comprehensive schools and even upper seconday schools. However, there are no music oriented kindergartens in Finland but music has traditionally played a large part also in daily kindergarten programs.


Iris started her music pre-school at the age of a few months. At music pre-school, the point is to learn the basics of music for example by singing and clapping hands. After kids are able to understand more, they start to play simple instruments with traditional children’s songs and fairytales. Iris loves her music school and she really likes to go there once a week. The lesson takes 45 minutes and for the first two years we go there with her.


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We hope that Iris has the best possible start to her musical education, and we think that music is a great hobby for a child at this age. Music is a perfect tool for developing concentration by listening to each other and repeating what you have just heard. It feeds emotions and helps children to sort out different feelings as well. In fact, it helps us to understand each other better.


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The level of teaching in Finnish music institutes is often considered to be high. That’s mainly because nowadays it’s necessary to have an academic degree in a certain musical instrument and pedagogy to hold a post of lecturer or teacher in those institutes. Finnish system of musical training has traditionally based on passing the exams from a level to another and that also makes it very systematic and precise way to filter the best musical quality purposefully along the path. Finally, after having been sifted many times through the musical exams the best essence of young musicians can apply for academic studies – if they are up to it!

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Aura & Elias
A father, a mother and a daughter, Iris, born in July 2015. Like many little girls, Iris loves to take care of her dolls and play with her toys.
Father, Elias, is a classical musician. He plays the flute and teaches flute playing. He dreams about extending his professional skills to the field of instrument repairing. Mother Aura has finished her studies at the University of Helsinki and at the moment she takes care of Iris at home.
Together we love to travel, enjoy cultural events and eat tasty food. We appreciate clean, healthy and ecological lifestyle even though we live in the middle of Helsinki. In our blog you’ll find stories about our urban life as a Finnish family.