After having Iris, I have been more aware of chemicals in our everyday life. During the pregnancy, I replaced most of our cosmetics with eco-certified products and tried to make cleaner choices with the soaps, shampoos, and laundry washing powders. I believe that it’s better to use natural products and avoid chemicals and poisons always when possible. Natural products are better not only for our health but also for nature. In Finland nature is clean and air quality is mostly good even in the cities and people know how fresh air and clean nature smell like. Therefore most Finns are not used to have a lot of foreign perfumes around.


We have many plants in our home because plants clean the air inside

Nowadays I use mostly eco certificated products. Of course, they are more expensive than cheap market products, but I’m ready to pay more to be sure that the constituents are good for us. In Finland, it is a growing “trend” to make cleaner choices with cosmetics, and people are more conscious of chemicals than before. It is getting more ordinary to use eco cosmetics and other eco products in Finland.


We try to make cleaner choices with chemicals and nutrition

I trust that natural products keep us more healthy. I always try to think what I really need: Is there just one product instead of five that I can use for many things? For example, coconut oil is a must – I use it every day as part of my diet but also for moisturizing and protecting my skin. It’s the best balm for Iris’s sensitive skin and also harmless to eat.


Iris loves coconut oil after her bath

Furthermore, I try to drink lots of fresh water every day and eat clean with lots of greens. I also love to try superfoods and different health and beauty tricks. My newest favorite is Rhodiola Rosea Extract which I drop into my morning smoothie. Rhodiola grows in Lapland and it is an old herb which has lots of health benefits (for example it enhances immunity, gives more capacity for exercising and memory, and it improves energy levels etc.) If we live in a healthy way and if we use natural superfoods, we have more energy to enjoy our lives. I believe that there is a lot of power in the nature of which benefits we should find and use much more.


I like to use one pipette of Rhodiola Rosea in my morning smoothies





Aura & Elias
A father, a mother and a daughter, Iris, born in July 2015. Like many little girls, Iris loves to take care of her dolls and play with her toys.
Father, Elias, is a classical musician. He plays the flute and teaches flute playing. He dreams about extending his professional skills to the field of instrument repairing. Mother Aura has finished her studies at the University of Helsinki and at the moment she takes care of Iris at home.
Together we love to travel, enjoy cultural events and eat tasty food. We appreciate clean, healthy and ecological lifestyle even though we live in the middle of Helsinki. In our blog, you’ll find stories about our urban life as a Finnish family.