I love summer nights in Helsinki when sunlight is super bright and sun sets after midnight. It feels especially rewarding to enjoy a bottle of good beer after a ”warm” summer day. For me, it’s also interesting to taste some new brands when you have already tried the most beers of the biggest Finnish and international beer companies. Finnish beers vary from light and fresh to full-bodied beers so I would say, there's something for every taste.

Similar to global trends, people in Finland are interested in experimenting new flavors and beer types. In general, IPA, APA, and ALE seem to be the most popular ones. In Finland, many new beers are citrus flavored, heavily hopped and spicy. One of the beers I recently tasted had blackcurrant as one of the ingredients! Some beers even have a smoke-rye aroma; as you can see,  you can find quite "exotic" beers in Finland.


I find it important to support local instead of big international beer companies whose beers tend to taste more or less the same. Local is also an ecological choice. Most of the microbreweries don’t put any artificial additives or preservatives to their products, which means that their beers are better in that regards.

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There are several Finnish microbreweries whose production volumes have been growing fast during the last ten years. The growth of these microbreweries is fueled by the rising interest in beer making process and individual flavors of various craft beers. I have noticed that especially young adults want to know more about different beer types and the stories behind the breweries.


During last few weeks I’ve tasted craft beers brewed by Kimito Brewery, Pyynikki Craft Brewery, Stadin Panimo (roughly translated into Helsinki Downtown Brewery), Suomenlinna Brewery, Mallaskoski Brewery and Mathildedal Brewery. Some of these breweries are just a few years old, but their business has grown very fast due to high demand.

SHOP superfoodSummer and beer go always together in Finland, so when the weather gets warm, having a picnic and a few craft beers in the local parks is a must. I am also always looking forward to enjoying local craft beers after a sauna during the summer cottage season!


As a craft beer enthusiast, I absolutely recommend tasting some of the microbrewery beers when visiting Finland! One good place to sample Finnish craft beers is Brewdog located in the trendy Helsinki Design District and Bryggeri located near the historical Helsinki Cathedral.

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Aura & Elias
A father, a mother and a daughter, Iris, born in July 2015. Like many little girls, Iris loves to take care of her dolls and play with her toys.
Father, Elias, is a classical musician. He plays the flute and teaches flute playing. He dreams about extending his professional skills to the field of instrument repairing. Mother Aura has finished her studies at the University of Helsinki and at the moment she takes care of Iris at home.
Together we love to travel, enjoy cultural events and eat tasty food. We appreciate clean, healthy and ecological lifestyle even though we live in the middle of Helsinki. In our blog you’ll find stories about our urban life as a Finnish family.