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Lillagunga Toddler (Oak)


Lillagunga Toddler (age 3mth - 3yr) is a functional, fun and stylish baby swing for the youngest family member.

Move the playground inside and place the Toddler swing in your home to keep your kids active all year round.

Lillagunga Toddler is a functional, fun and stylish baby swing for the youngest family member. It is designed for kids between three months and three years of age. The handmade double-folded genuine leather seat comes in either white or black and beautifully combines with both wooden swing frames in white birch or oak. Lillagunga Toddler is safe and built to last, and also works as an appealing design element; decorating your home or terrace.

The Lillagunga Toddler swing is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Age: 3 months to 3 years
Usage: Indoor and terrace
Capacity: Maximum weight 20 kg
Weight: Gross: 2300 g Net: 1990 g
Materials: Wood: oil treated oak, Leather: hand sewed double-folded genuine leather, Rope: polypropylene, Swivels: stainless steel (AISI 316)
Included: Wooden swing frame, leather seat, safety belt, four rope locks, two swivels and two ropes, two curly hooks and two plugs.

*This product is suitable for room height of 2.0 - 2.8 meters.
*This product is attached to a supporting ceiling with solid structure.

* Power drill and a drill bit (type and size dependent on hook model)
* Pencil Ladders, a tall chair or similar to reach the ceiling
* A measuring tape

1. Reserve at least two (2) meters in front/behind, and on both sides of the swing seat/rings.
2. Use the ladders to reach the ceiling. Make sure that the ladders are stable and stand firmly, drilling vertically may distract your balance.
3. Use a measuring tape and mark two points at 56 cm apart from each other. Drill two holes, and screw the hooks into the ceiling. In case hanging from a concrete ceiling please use plugs in addition.
4. Rotate the ends of the hooks pointing to the side, linear with the swing seat/rings (fig. 2, the arrow indicating direction of swinging)
5. Make sure that both hooks are tightly in place.
6. Test before use.



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