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Lily of the Valley necklace

Kalevala Jewelry

Lily of the Valley silver necklace. Material 925 sterling silver. Handmade in Helsinki Finland. Designed by Tony Granholm.

Lily of the valley, thrives in verdant woodlands, filling the spring air with its sweet scent and stirring anticipation of the approaching summer. The plant sends up slender stems with two broad leaves and delicate white flowers. For goldsmith Tony Granholm, Finland’s national flower brings to mind his grandmother, who used to say that lilies of the valley are at their best in the forest. It took years before he was able to capture the essence of something as living and perfect as his favourite flower into a piece of jewellery.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Measurements: Adjustable lenght 42-45 cm and height 40 mm

Handmade in Helsinki Finland. 
Designed by Tony Granholm.

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