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Our Story

Kidemaa is a Finnish company based in Helsinki. Kidemaa as a word in Finnish means “a land of snow crystals” and it symbolizes what we do - our mission is to bring authentic Scandinavian lifestyle to people around the world. Finland is a country of snow and ice crystals, beautiful pure nature, many many lakes and endless forests, colorful aurora borealis, clean air and food, great education system and a safe place for children to grow up. We at Kidemaa want to tell you interesting stories of our region , written by our Finnish or Finland based Asian bloggers. We also offer a wide variety of high quality Scandinavian products, many of them currently only available in Finland, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. We at Kidemaa wanted to change that and offer a wide assortment of authentic products to our customers around the world. Our product range varies from pure foods grown in Finland to design objetc, Moomin products, and children’s clothing and toys.

Our team consists of Finns, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese living in Finland. Our customer service is in English and Japanese and we ship our products directly to your doorstep.

We hope you enjoy exploring Kidemaa.

Inkeri Mentzoni, the CEO and Founder & the Kidemaa team in Helsinki