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Snorkmaiden’s Bear Hug gift

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Kidemaa Gift is a great way to remember your loved ones abroad.

Get a warm Bear Hug from the cute Snorkmaiden! The Snorkmaiden’s Bear Hug gift package contains following products:

Minidoll Snorkmaiden
Brand: Isoisän Puulelut

An authentic © Moomin Characters ™ licensing product. A wooden Moomin minidoll, Snorkmaiden.

Measurements: H 7,5cm.

Lingonberry 30g
Brand: Arctic Power Berries

100% pure berry powders from Finland, the Land of The Midnight Sun.

Nutrient packed Arctic berries grow wild in clean Finnish forests, under the midnight sun that enriches the berries’ goodness. We pick the berries, gently dry them and grind them into fine powder.

Wild berries are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, nutrients and fibre. Among others, those have been seen beneficial for healthy skin and hair, strengthening the immune system, preventing infections and improving circulation and metabolism.

There are more than 300g of fresh berries in one 30g tube – and one teaspoon of powder is equal to a handful of fresh berries! A tasty way to care about your health and wellbeing.
The powders are raw, vegan and gluten-free. There is no added sugar or preservatives.

How to use: Add 1-2 teaspoons to cereal, porridge, yogurt, smoothie or use in baking.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Please note that the powders may settle in transit, shake well before using. Do not freeze.

Bear Hug
Brand: NORD–T

  • Organic loose leaf green tea with birch leaf, lingonberry, and heather flower.
  • This tea is fresh and grassy. It has a crude and slightly sour taste, all balanced in a very delicate way. Real lingonberries bring beautiful light red hue to the brew.
  • Brewing instructions: 2 tsp, 80°C, 3-6 min

This product comes in a beautiful gift box, a seasons greetings card and your name.

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