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Twinflower earrings w/ pink freshwater pearl

Kalevala Jewelry

Twinflower silver earrings with pink freshwater pearl. Material 925 sterling silver. 3-piece Twinflower earrings can be worn in many different ways. Normally, as in the product picture, or without the detachable leaf or chain pieces. Height 65 mm.
Handmade in Helsinki Finland. Designed by Kirsti Doukas.

Twinflower, Linnaea borealis, is a slender creeping shrublet flourishing in spruce forests. This delicate plant hugs the velvet moss, pushing up stems, one after another, bearing pairs of gentle bell-like flowers. Twinflower is a beautiful feature of theFinnish forest. One of Finland´s national poets, Eino Leino´s lines together with twinflower have inspired jewellery designer Kirsti Doukas. The rose coloured pearls in her Twinflower jewellery capture the essential charm of this delicate flower.

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